Owners, Blair & Erin

It was inevitable that we would retire on Prince Edward Island, we just didn't think that it would be so soon!  We had been on vacation with our teen daughter in 2013, and decided to check out some real estate, not really being serious about buying since we were quite settled in Ontario. We fell in love with an estate home on the south end of Montague, so we put in an offer and went back to Ontario to sell everything and make our move!  We opened & operated a successful Bed & Breakfast which we enjoyed for 3 years.  The housing market got hot in Montague, so on a whim we decided to list our home, and it was snapped up before the listing even went live.  So here we were, again, making a plan by the seat of our pants!  

We found our new home, and with a lot of love, and a LOT of renovations (which we highlight on the pictures page on this site) we are ready again to open our Inn.  Same hosts and the same quality of accommodations, just a different location, and a more intimate setting!

Although our teen doesn't live with us anymore, she is making her way through university, we still have our boxers Charlotte & Chianne.  Charlotte is a pure bred boxer from TanOak in Oro Medonte, and Chianne was a rescue from the Hamilton SPCA. Chianne, despite being a rescue, is very friendly and loves the attention from our guests. You will see her running the house with us, since she's been known to jump barriers to greet people!  Charlotte is shy and older, so she doesn't seek as much attention. She's more content hanging out where it's quiet. Long story short, our dogs rule the roost, we are just here to entertain them! 

So to wrap up, we obviously love what we do.  We enjoy having people in our home, sharing our little Island with whomever makes the journey to visit.  The East Coast is the place to be, and we spend our spare time driving to the outskirts to see what we can find.  We hope you will take the leap, and spend some of your summer with us.  We promise, you will not regret it!

Sincerely, Blair & Erin 

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